Car and belongings

Belongings are more than just things, they're peoples existence

As professional house sitters we often limit belongings, however, to home owners belongings are more than just things. This connection needs much respect and care. Love the Beast and Belongings Back in 2009, Eric Bana released his documentary…

House sitting lifestyle interest you? The basics to becoming a house sitter

Does the house sitting lifestyle interest you? Here is a beginners guide to becoming a professional house sitter that gets hired! House sitting, well its safe to say that if you are reading this then you are considering or know someone who is considering becoming a house sitter! That is freaking awesome!!!

Loving animals is at our core. House sitting is the awesome by product.

Loving animals is a personal preference. Some people love them, whilst others are just happy not loving them so much. We love them, we love them so much that we have made a lifestyle around caring for them. At our core, loving animals is…

The most common question a full time house sitter gets asked and our single word response.

When you are a full-time house sitter, as in, have no home to go home to, you are going to get asked one common question surprisingly often. The Common Question Do you miss having a home? The Response Looking the questioner in the eye, our…
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SYDNEY - Playing Tourists!

Every time we move to a new house sit we like to “play tourists” for a day at least or a few days while we are there. We pack a back pack, the camera, comfy shoes and off we go. Try desperately to work out the bus timetables (FAIL every…