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Just Living The Dream or JLTD for short is the honest adventure of how we reinvented our lives, followed our dreams, made some new ones and strive to be always JLTD.

Awhile little while age we cracked it, sold our “stuff”, packed the car. Now we live and care for people’s pets and homes as professional house sitters.  We travel frequently, photograph often, write, share, laugh, work online from home and live a modern day, minimalist, gypsy house sitter lifestyle.  Just living The dream, hey!

It started with one house sitting job…

Have you ever struggled with the juggling act of studying, multiple jobs, paying rent and the dreaded utility bills popping up out of nowhere? Does the idea of working for 40 years to pay off a house that you hardly spend any time in really appeal to you? Do you long for travel and adventure… […]

What we did next was a little bit crazy

We knew something had to change in our lives because the rat race was slowly killing our joy and spark for life. So what did we do next? We built a house sitting profile on a couple of house sitting focused websites. All that was needed was a small subscription fee. We started with a […]

The side effects of housesitting

Don’t worry – it’s not that bad. They’re actually really, really, really good. In fact, these side effects will leave you wondering why you ever lived any different. The first one to hit us was that shopping lost its thrill. It’s appeal. We don’t actually need anything material when we’re house sitting – plus, all […]


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We haven’t made it yet but soon! ohh so so soon you’ll hear all about it!


We haven’t made it yet but soon! ohh so so soon you’ll hear all about it!


 Bit cold, −90°C WHAT THE! But we kinda wanna see a penguin


We haven’t made it yet but soon! ohh so so soon you’ll hear all about it!


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I have the pleasure of having Rachel and Chris Bragg house sit my house and look after my animals for 3 weeks every year.

During that time they did a wonderful job caring for my animals and treating them as their own. They walked my dog daily and played with her. (Keeping a very active Rottweiler out of mischief is not an easy feat) Both Rachel and Chris love animals and this is very apparent in their interactions with animals.

TanyaHome Owner - Gold Coast

Rachel and Chris are just lovely and they took excellent care of my pets and home. My house was beautifully clean when I returned home, animals happy. I would not hesitate in recommending Chris and Rachel to anyone needing a house sitter.

RoxyHome Owner
Rhonda & Dirk

We have been blessed to have Rachel and Chris look after our pets and house. What a wonderful couple, from the first time we met them we felt like we had known them for ages. They cared for our 2 Schnauzers Riley and Ellie and our 8 chickens. Our house was spotless when we returned and I don’t think the pets missed us at all. It was truly relaxing to be on holiday, knowing that my house and my pets were being looked after by this wonderful couple.

I have no hesitation in recommending their services. Thanks again Rachel and Chris.

Rhonda & DirkHome Owner - Gold Coast

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I was a quiet dog to start with but my house sitters made me feel safe and happy in just a few days.

Old Boy Bronson

I always had a warm bed and even warmer cuddles with Rach and Chris.

Old Boy Bronson

I did get some great purring practice in Purr Purr Perfect!


I wasn’t so sure at first but boy I was wrong, these guys played and cuddled with me all day!


I may have been different but I was still loved like a lap dog.


They loved me and hugged me and called me their own!


Boy they handled me well! I loved my exercise!


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