The side effects of housesitting

Don’t worry – it’s not that bad. They’re actually really, really, really good. In fact, these side effects will leave you wondering why you ever lived any different.

The first one to hit us was that shopping lost its thrill. It’s appeal. We don’t actually need anything material when we’re house sitting – plus, all the houses we have been in have way cooler stuff than us anyway! So yeah… no need to go to the shops anywhere near as much.

As a result of all the no shopping and near to no bills, our savings account grew without us having to make any sacrifices. This one side effect was SUPER appreciated from our end – as we mentioned, we had been struggling financially before we started our new lifestyle of house sitting.

We found ourselves free from ‘baggage’, and so we were able to get outside, explore and travel with more ease. This is something we are stoked with! Both of us are naturally active people, so the fact that this aspect is enhanced by our house sitting lifestyle is an added bonus!

And just like that? We had a whole new lifestyle.

It was then that we realised that our work was going to have to adjust to fit in with it.

Which leads us to… mobile workplaces.

We looked into ways we could still do what we love (Chris is a nutritionist and dietitian and Rachel is a paraplanner). We changed up a few things and now we can still do our jobs… but from anywhere! Come at us #digitalnomad lifestyles!

This whole experience has made us question everything. The word ‘minimalism’ gets thrown around a lot but we follow a few others who are living this way and it turns out that selling all your unnecessary items is truly enlightening.

We never in a million years would believe that we could live with so little, yet so much happiness.

It just shows that anything is possible! (If you need more convincing, this is my fave Youtube clip). Plus, we have seen so much of the world that we would never had had the chance to see and experience before [link to gallery here].

We’ve learnt that in this business, first impressions count. We’ve learnt that trust is paramount. And we’ve learnt that most human beings are inherently ‘good’!

However, you may need to have an answer ready to this one, tricky question:

‘Where do you live?’

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