It started with one house sitting job…

Have you ever struggled with the juggling act of studying, multiple jobs, paying rent and the dreaded utility bills popping up out of nowhere?

Does the idea of working for 40 years to pay off a house that you hardly spend any time in really appeal to you?

Do you long for travel and adventure… but don’t want to wait till retirement to experience it?

Yep, we hear ya.

We were in the exact same boat a couple of years ago, wondering whether we would ever, EVER be able to buy a house on our own and still enjoy the occasional traveling holiday (hint: the answer was a big, fat nope). We wanted to experience other cultures, live in different States – except we had always rented, never quite feeling ‘at home’ anywhere or anyplace.

So we decided that we didn’t want to live like that anymore. We wanted options. We wanted to see big cities, small towns and everywhere in between.

So just like that, we gave our two weeks’ notice in our country home town and headed off for the bright city lights.

We embraced our spontaneous, adventurous spirits and decided ‘normal’ wasn’t for us. We sprinted gung-ho into a new life on the Gold Coast…. Except we were still paying rent, utilities, stuck in the one place with nowhere to go but everywhere…

Then our first house sitting experience came at us out of the blue – we did a four week stint where we shut up our rental, turned off the power and we realised we were saving money!

We really bonded with the animals we were looking after (another pitfall of renting was that we weren’t allowed any animals of our own), played in the pool and watched movies in the cinema room – a real little luxury for these country kids.

One particular night, we had a few too many beverages and we threw the idea into the wind: what if this was our life? What if we did this all the freaking time? What if we packed up everything we owned and lived a life on the road?

Rach may have needed a little more convincing in the morning…

But once we got back to our rental and back to paying power bills, water, rent… we hated it even more, knowing that there was a better way.

The next thing we did changed our lives forever.

So tell us – have you ever wanted to just ‘get out’ of town and explore somewhere completely new? What’s on your bucket list?

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