House Sitting New Zealand

New Zealand is a stunning country and we have traveled the country before. However, this time Rachel and Chris from Just Living The Dream were able to Travel NZ whilst house sitting. Rent free, hotel free and care free.

House sitting New Zealand and traveling the country was made easy by using several websites. House sitting websites like KiwiHouseSitters took care of the accommodation and short trips were managed by AirBnB.

We were really able to slow down and enjoy the Beautiful New Zealand culture and way of life whilst here. We continued to work online but traveled both the North and South Island of NZ over our 4 month stay.

Rather than taking one large holiday we took advantage of breaks in work to take smaller 3-5 day trips to get around the country. We also embarked on many smaller day trips to make the best of our time.

We want to share with you how we managed to make house sitting New Zealand possible. So join us on our adventure as we take you through our how to guide as well as our own adventures and stories whilst in this great country.

Rotorua Town

Housesitting Mini-break - Te Puna and Mount Maunganui, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Setbacks and Surprises Sometimes things don’t go as planned, we learnt this all too well last year. Living this lifestyle, you have to be flexible and go with whatever is thrown at you. My one nightmare while house sitting in the homeowners…
ButterflyCreek near Petone