What we did next was a little bit crazy

We knew something had to change in our lives because the rat race was slowly killing our joy and spark for life.

So what did we do next? We built a house sitting profile on a couple of house sitting focused websites. All that was needed was a small subscription fee.

We started with a video, took lots of photos, wrote a pretty killer profile (if we do say so ourselves). We knew that the key to get this off the ground was to show that we were trustworthy, reliable and super friendly. I mean, look at those faces!

After doing this on the fly, we noticed that there were heaps of house sitting opportunities in the local area.

Rachel (being the logistical one) wanted us to book in a full 6 months of house sitting in advance before we said goodbye to our rental agreements completely and embarked on this adventure 100%.

Neither of us had been on a first date for a VERY long time, but we guessed the meeting with the first house sitting couple came pretty close. Luckily, it was their first time too – so all four of us strangers worked through the plan of attack together.

Shortly after, we booked up that first 6 months with no dramas. This was actually happening!

And boy, was it happening fast. In fact, we were getting approached by people left, right and centre when our friends and family found out what we were doing.

We got a storage shed as a failsafe to keep our most valuable items: washing machine, mattress, legal documents, wedding dress, suits and our responsibilities. You know, the important stuff.

And for all the other stuff? Well, we had a garage sale to get rid of it.

In between the selling-everything-we-owned shindig, we freaked out, sold all our DVDs, freaked out, had a beer to celebrate everything gone, freaked out and then packed our clothes into three containers and put them in the boot of the car. We may have freaked out a little bit again.

The next step was canceling all of the boring, adult things: rent, internet, electricity, gas… and the other $22,000 worth of stuff we were finally escaping from.

So, yep – we guess you could say that we have never looked back!

Our focus now is on sharing this experience with others (without sounding like crazy weirdos).

And therein lies the challenge.


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