Belongings are more than just things, they’re peoples existence

Car and belongings

As professional house sitters we often limit belongings, however, to home owners belongings are more than just things. This connection needs much respect and care.

Love the Beast and Belongings

Back in 2009, Eric Bana released his documentary Love the Beast (Watch the Trailer Here). It tells the story of his love affair with a muscle car that he had owned since he was 16. The car, a Ford Falcon V8, represented much more to Bana than just a mode of transport. He restored the car a number of times and drove it in the Targa Tasmania race. Through all of this, the car became a focal point for Bana’s relationship with his father and his mates. The car brought them closer which made me think! While we may own our belongings, they sometimes have a meaning far beyond the nuts and bolts of their existence.

Eric Banna car in documentary love the beast

It’s with this in mind that I considered the responsibility we have to look after the things that are of great value to others. One thing that strikes me as we care for the belongings of others is the amount of thought that people take in gathering amazingly eclectic range of objects that reflect what is important to them and what has happened to them over the course of their lifetimes. Consequently, all of those things are important and it is our responsibility to care for them.

I could never see the value in a Ford Falcon V8 the same way that Eric Bana does but I can appreciate the importance of that car to him. Similarly, we can appreciate the importance of the well-loved objects that fill the homes that we care for.

Practical note for house sitters and home owners

As professional house sitters we often talk about the freedom of having less, giving more and clearing our lives of things. This strategy works for us but we still own things. Things that often hold more value to us as we have so little, but again, we choose to live this way. As house sitters we have to care for peoples things as if it was our own regardless. Peoples things often have so much power.

If you have the chance spend some time to get to know the home owners/ house sitters and what they hold dear in their home.

As an example recently we house sat for a couple that had announced their pregnancy! WOW congratulations!!!! As we got to know the couple and their property, we were introduced to their garden. Within the garden were a collection of sunflowers, yet to flower, but these were no ordinary sunflowers. This young couple had instructed to us that the sun flowers had been planted when they found out that they were pregnant. This indicated to me that the sunflowers had a high level of significance in the couples lives. Holding meaning and representation of life. Therefore, Rachel and I made sure these flowers were cared for like gold. They did flower while we were here so we also sent the owners a collection of photos to reinforce the connection and joy they had to these flowers.


It all comes down to respect, care, understanding and an appreciation of items that are well loved by other people.

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