Loving animals is at our core. House sitting is the awesome by product.

Loving animals is a personal preference. Some people love them, whilst others are just happy not loving them so much. We love them, we love them so much that we have made a lifestyle around caring for them.

At our core, loving animals is what we are about. We both care and adore them! I mean what’s not to love? Animals are loyal, make you smile, provide companionship and have been shown at a physiological level to make you happier overall. House sitting provided a way to share the joy of animals as well as providing a hug service to pet loving home owners.


You see house sitting has been around for hundreds of years. It’s not a new concept. As homeowners travel and explore the world, peace of mind can be assured knowing you home is being cared for by someone you trust. Your home is maintained, your gardens manicured and the presence of people in your home often prevent criminals targeting your otherwise vacant home.

However, when you have animals or pets, travel can be difficult to organise as you consider what to do with your animals. Some people use friend, others use kennels, and many avoid holidays and travel all together. Each option has its positives and its negatives. As house sitters we provide an option in between. You can travel, leaving your animals in a familiar environment as well as have your property cleaned and looked after.

How loving animals developed into our house sitting lifestyle

At the beginning of our lifestyle change, caring for animals was the priority. A friend of ours needed their lovely Rottweiler cared for whilst she went on holidays. The animal was the first concern for the home owner as well as for us, the house sitter. The upside or by product was we had an amazing place to stay whilst enjoying the company of this beautiful dog. You can read more about how it all started here

Loving animals is our core. Our whole lifestyle developed from this passion for animals. You see on that first house sit, outside playing with the dog we thought: “Hey, what if we could do this all the time. Care for people’s animals and in exchange live this awesome lifestyle.” Essentially, it all started with loving animals at our core.

I like this story because I believe that following your passion is so important. I’m not talking about the follow your passion and make millions kind of buzz words you so often hear. I mean if you love something and are passionate about it (like we are with animals) follow it. Make it a part of your life. It might just turn out that great things happen consequently, for us, that was house sitting.

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