The most common question a full time house sitter gets asked and our single word response.

When you are a full-time house sitter, as in, have no home to go home to, you are going to get asked one common question surprisingly often.

The Common Question

Do you miss having a home?

The Response

Looking the questioner in the eye, our quick, painless rip it off like a band aid easy response is, No.

We love not having a home

House sitting, we freaking love it. Not like, people who love golf and play once a year. You know the type they have a set of mid-range clubs, the shoes that are stiff from inactivity, the white glove that screams, I’m brand new and the token slice on every par 4 drive.

The real love. We are like the semi pro golfers about to go main stream. Pounding away quietly on their craft.

We live, breath, practice, learn and spend most of our current lives sitting or planning to sit in other people’s homes. So why would we miss having a home of our own.

We chose to do this

To us the set point has changed. We no longer see having a home as a normal part of life. In fact, we have had many discussions about how we would feel about purchasing or renting a home. Currently I couldn’t think of anything worse. We chose to take a chance and sell everything, but remember it didn’t happen overnight.

A slow to develop kind of love

Ask me the same do you miss your home question 2 4 6 even 10 or 20 weeks after we started house sitting. Yea sure! Creature comforts, 145 of your favourite dvds, that timeless bookshelf with your life knowledge that you never read because its already learnt. I missed them. I missed no responsibility and  commitment to others. But that stopped, and really, it was never that strong of a feeling anyway. It was just that what we were doing as a 30year old couple goes against just about everything you feel should be normal.

I know I know, one day…… One day this might change, one day we might have kids, one day the switch might change, and we might just want to find our forever home. But seriously, one day might not happen. One day we might home school our kids, or realise the norm isn’t for everyone. One day we might continue to house sit and provide housing for the disadvantaged with all the money we have saved? Who knows?

But, in the moment, we feel as if we have found a way to live that just agrees with us. Its normal, its comfortable. We both agree with it so much we feel as if this is kind of what we are meant to be doing and that anything else would be selling ourselves short.

We are less stressed, immensely happy, we talk more, smile more, save more, travel more and experience more.

A few things that we love about what we do:

  • Providing a house-sitting service that we are proud of and that people love
  • We spend our days playing and caring for animals
  • Good bye stress about money, bills, mortgages, renovations or owning stuff
  • As a couple we spend time together exploring with childlike enthusiasm
  • We dare to follow our hobbies with passion
  • We own and run our own businesses from any location
  • The joy of meeting hundreds of new people yearly who love to show and share with us where they live
  • We make people smile, make their pets run around with joy and live a life that provides purpose for us

We are literally just living the dream.

Ok ok, I have a confession

Some times I do miss it…. The best bit, I confess, you do miss your own bed. However, it’s much like an ex-partner. You don’t even remember it after a bit of time. Besides, if you take your favorite pillow with you it will be like a home away from home.

So, in short, No, we don’t miss owning a home and all the burdensome things that come with that privilege.  But don’t hold it against us, we are doing what we love and providing massive value and a huge service to people that love their pets!


I Would love to hear what you think?

Fellow house sitters – Do you miss having a home? If so what part do you miss and why?

Home owners – What would you miss the most if you were to try house sitting full time?


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