NEWPORT: This place, what a stunner!

Latest house sit is in the gorgeous suburb of Newport, this is on the Northern beaches of Sydney. This is a stunning place and this is our current view:

Newport View


House sitting is a tough life I know but lucky we are happy to do it.


At this home, we have 3 sweethearts to care for: Squidgy, Moppet & Scrump!



SquidgeySquidgy Scrump




The cats are completely self-sufficient as with most cats but Scrump is definitely keen on a cuddle or the entire bed, whichever she is not fussy. With Squidgy, as long as there is food he could not give two hoots who you are.

Now MOPPET!!! Wow, what a bundle of energy she is, we go for two walks per day plus some fun at the dog park. She is so damn cute I have really fallen for the breed. She is the sweetest Golden Retriever around, give her a stick and some water and she is happy. See…..





The area has plenty of things to do and see, namely we “discovered” a brewery and I say discovered because if you didn’t know it was there you would certainly miss it, it is down a lane way but very much worth a visit. Modus Operandi brewery  is a small local brewery that has quirky bands playing each week and some unique crafty beers that are worth a taste. Chris is getting into the dark beers of late so his favourite is: Silent Knight Porter, I stick with the more traditional so my pick would be: Layback Aussie Pale

If you want to find out more about this brewery make sure you check out their website:  http://www.mobrewing.com.au/

We also visited the Newport Arms (MANY TIMES), awesome pub, if you have never been, you will be pleasantly surprised, it is HUGE! So much to see and eat oh and drink!!

Our stay in photos because a picture says 1,000 words:





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