Lockhart – Exploring what the Riverina has to offer!

Until recently we were living on the Gold Coast in QLD and it is such a different place to our home towns. So after heading back to the country to our roots with thought we would take the time to explore the area more and appreciate all that the country has to offer.

First on the list was Lockhart. It is a small country town located about 45 mins west of Wagga Wagga.



We drove in from the Coolamon side, so we came across a paddock of sunflowers! How cool is that, they were BEAUTIFUL!!


Lockhart is known for its sculptures and holds a Spirit of the Land Festival each year (for more information on the festival click here).

About 10 years ago the festival was created to encourage farmers to use these skills to create the sculptures, the festival now has artists Australia wide entering the competition.

Here are just a few snaps of the sculptures we saw on the day:





One of my favorites, mob of Kangaroos


And also… Dancing!!

We visited the lovely Sharon at Sweethearts at Lockhart (Click here to visit her Facebook Page). This was such a cute shop and Sharon was so helpful, told us lots of stories about the town.

Take a stroll or drive around to check out all of the old buildings too, I am a sucker for the old banks in every country town, seriously…. look at these beauties!!




The only negative we have to say about the town is that there wasn’t anywhere to really eat, there was one cafe but it closed at lunch time (no idea why!!).

So our advice would be, to pack a picnic and sit with the “mob of kangaroos” and enjoy the quiet life!

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