House sitting lifestyle interest you? The basics to becoming a house sitter

Does the house sitting lifestyle interest you? Here is a beginners guide to becoming a professional house sitter that gets hired! House sitting, well its safe to say that if you are reading this then you are considering or know someone who is considering becoming a house sitter! That is freaking awesome!!!

Loving animals is at our core. House sitting is the awesome by product.

Loving animals is a personal preference. Some people love them, whilst others are just happy not loving them so much. We love them, we love them so much that we have made a lifestyle around caring for them. At our core, loving animals is…

The most common question a full time house sitter gets asked and our single word response.

When you are a full-time house sitter, as in, have no home to go home to, you are going to get asked one common question surprisingly often. The Common Question Do you miss having a home? The Response Looking the questioner in the eye, our…
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SYDNEY - Playing Tourists!

Every time we move to a new house sit we like to “play tourists” for a day at least or a few days while we are there. We pack a back pack, the camera, comfy shoes and off we go. Try desperately to work out the bus timetables (FAIL every…