Professional House Sitting Team

Rachel Bragg

Rachel Bragg

Master and Commander

I am Rach and as the title suggests I keep this ship smooth sailing. I organise and plan out all of our house sits for the year and usually do most (if not all) of the communications with homeowners.
Chris has plenty of talents but answering his phone and emails is not one of them.
I also run my own contract paraplanning business.
We feel so lucky everyday to be living this lifestyle, combining travel and animals, my two favourite things! Oh and I get to do it all with my hubby! Life is good..... we are Living the Dream.

Chris Bragg

Chris Bragg

The House Keeper

Hi, I’m Chris and between my wife and I, we are passionate house sitters that love animals, love traveling, love being happy and following our dreams and we love the adventure of house sitting! I have always been a Just Living The Dream kind of chap that tries to see the best in every situation. I am a Chef by trade, as well as a dietitian that loves to cook and help people to be healthy. I run an online business, FOODERII as well as JLTD website and enjoy talking about and sharing the house sitting lifestyle.

Frequently asked questions about our house sitting lifestyle

How long have you been house sitting?

We have been house sitting full time for 2 years. During which time we have perfected our craft and offer a second to none house sitting service.

Do you still have a place to live?

In short, NO! When we decided to start house sitting full time we sold most of our possessions. We only travel around Australia with what we can fit in our car. When overseas, well then we live lean and only take what we can carry with us.

Don’t you miss having your own place?

No, we find the lifestyle very normal to us. We consider ourselves  to be the modern day gypsies. We love our lifestyle and renting/owning a place to live would feel weird for us now.